Download firmware Android 6.0 Marshmallow and Android 6 review

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Not long ago, Google introduced for users Android 6 Marshmallow or Android M – the sixth version of everyone's favorite operating system. This version is not much innovation as in the previous – Android Lollipop, as all the main issues, such as energy conservation have been corrected in the fifth version. What functionality appeared in the Android Marshmallow? Here we will hold detailed and an overview of all system features.

Google Now on Tap

One of the main innovations, intellectual technology from Google. This feature analyzes the contents of the screen and gives you what you want ahead of your thoughts. For example, you see new items of films on the IMDB, the smartphone offers to see showtimes. When listening to music, you will be invited to learn all about the artist. Google uses your old searches you good.

Support for new standards and technologies

Support devices reading fingerprints default fingertips. Now, any manufacturer can install the fingerprint sensor in your device is not working out for this software.

Another nice thing – there is support USB Type-C – this standard will deliver us from the problems with inverted cable, you can now "blindfold" any party connect wire for charging the mobile device.

Flexible setting permissions for applications

Flexible access control applications to personal data very useful innovation. For example would be strange if the music player asks for access to read your SMS, such behavior immediately raises suspicions. You will be able to regulate and control access to specific applications for specific functions.

New power-saving mode – Doze

Doze very efficiently disposes of your battery power and not spend it in vain. Smartphone off all background processes when you're not using it, the smart move is very good saves battery. Now there is no need for third-party applications.

Built-in Chrome

Now Google Chrome is the default browser. Not surprising move, a good operating system of a good browser! Now, if an application wants to open a Web page, it will open it directly in the browser without having to run a separate process, which is also good saves resources.

New opportunities to work with memory cards

Now you can install applications to the memory card and use it as a system disk. Since many devices do not have sufficient memory, this innovation is very useful.

Payment system Android Pay, improved themes for Android, and more

The Android built-in 6 appeared Account Fees Android Pay system, available only for the European Union and other developed countries. Google is extremely simplify the task of working with fans of the text. Now, the team cut | copy | insert available from the context menu directly above the text.

lovers customization of the opportunity to choose dark or light theme for Android. Google has become more concerned about the users, now you can make backup copies of the system without the use of storonniz applications. Finally Marshmallow owners can charge other devices via microUSB.  You can choose the dark directly above the selected text. Also in the settings, users can choose dark or light theme for the OS. Smartphones running on the basis of Marshmallow, can now act as a charger for other devices. Now, finally, users can make backups of the system without the aid of third-party applications.

To summarize, you can download it Marshmallow – this is a great and useful feature updates for the Android operating system, simplifying the life of the end user.

Android Video 6 Marshmallow

Getting Root rights

We recommend to use the new program Rootkhp. Complete description and overview of the program are on site.

Installing firmware Android 6.0 Marshmallow

Update usprostilos to the limit. You should only download the firmware file to the instructions on the link and follow the instructions.

Download firmware Android 6.0 Marshmallow

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