Download firmware Android 7.0 Nougat and review of Android 7.0

Recently published a new version of the operating system Android N’s full name Android 7.0 Nougat. The seventh version is designed to improve user experience and for this it has all the necessary innovations. 

At the moment, a lot of mobile devices support installation Android Nougat. Since March 2016 system is tested for the presence of bugs and errors. On the main innovations of the system, you will learn below.

dual view

To extend the functionality and correct workflow was make it possible to work in two windows, in other words, Android introduces multitasking. You can simultaneously watch videos on Youtube and open the second window, Instagram, or SMS. To switch to dual view hold multitasking.


Efficient energy-saving system Doze

Doze power saving technology to stop all unnecessary background processes so that your device is working as long as possible between charges. When the smartphone is thrown on the table, or into a bag Doze mode is enabled automatically.

The new notification system

The notification system has been totally changed. When several notifications, you will be prompted to choose the action (archive, mark as read, and so remove Further). You can respond to IMs directly from the notification without opening the app.


Data Saver

Android 7.0 will help you to reduce bills for traffic. You can control access to any application to the Internet, prohibit or authorize access, to restrict access to only wi-fi connections, and more.



The Android Nougat cardinally improved Security system. However, this does not mean that the vulnerabilities left. Remove forgotten unlock you can still using GaiGunlock Pro program. 

From the innovations are the ability to lock a lost device remotely without the third-party software.

New design elements

In the seventh version of Android has changed the form of icons and folders, folders, images have become icons in the round, in general, all in a modern style and the animation when you open the folder.

Function Alt + Tab to Android

There was a very useful function ALT + TAB through which the user can quickly switch to another running application. If you do not know what it is, try on your computer. This feature has been borrowed just out.

Night mode or Auto Brightness

In night mode, the smartphone uses a light sensor and a lack of brightness and contrast of the smartphone automatically adjusts to the environment.

Nougat with my own eyes

Getting root access

we can recommend such programs to become root as: Rootkhp version 1.5 and above Baidu and the Chinese program.

Install Android 7.0 firmware

To install Nougat firmware you need to download files from the link below and run the application by selecting it in your mobile device model.

Download the firmware Android 7.0 Nougat

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