GaiGunlock – unlock screen pattern lock

gaigunlock, unlock, unlock, reset, the reset

Program Gaigunock – developed to reset and unlock pattern screen lock on Android. It works only on a computer running Windows OS.

If you think logically, then everything is correct, to reset only by a PC as a smartphone or tablet blocked Pattern.

How to remove a pattern key using Gaigunlock

gaigunlock, unlock, unlock, reset, the reset
  1. Download the program from the official site
  2. Connect your Android device (important!) With debugging enabled via USB
  3. Click Unlock Pattern button
  4. We receive notification of program preparation and the start of operations to unblock
  5. Then we wait for the final notification of the third, after which the device automatically restarts. Judging by the developer instructions the software can send and error, then you will have to restart the system yourself and try again.

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