How to root Asus Fonepad 9

How to root Asus Fonepad 9

How to root Asus Fonepad 9 – An interesting process, but first we will look at what it is. 

Root rights will give a second wind

This superuser in the system, providing full access to the file system. You can do anything you like, delete the system application, remove the system from startup applications, make "acceleration" processor.

We get the root Asus Fonepad 9 right

How to root Asus Fonepad 9

Installation root access will be made through the program Rootkhp. Official site ( Is written on the Update button.

Instructions for Rootkhp

  • Download the program from the site Rootkhp
  • Connect your mobile device to your PC via MicroUSB
  • Click Root button and receive notifications "Process started" and wait for a message "Root finished …".

    How to root Asus Fonepad 9

After that you can do with Asus Fonepad 9 all you want. You now have full access to the Android file system, the ability to overclock the processor and much more.

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